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Steps on How to Make Your Objects Look Metallic Using Spray Paint

When looking for ways which you can easily revamp objects and give them an outstanding look, using paint is a perfect choice. It is a great way to decorate things in the house or change their look without having to do much. You can play around with paint to create different patterns, shapes, mixtures, and other variations.

There are many types of paint in the market today and one of the latest trendy paint products is metallic paint. Metallic paint is a fantastic product and is a great choice for enhancing the look on items like plastics, glass, wood, paper, leather, synthetic fabrics, ceramics, and walls. Its different color variations include; gold, silver, bronze, platinum, etc.

It is not difficult to use metallic paint to make objects look like they are made of metal. You can apply paint onto items through various methods, among them using spray cans. When buying metallic paint from the shops, make sure you select the spray paint in the color of your choice. Spray paints are excellent choices due to their simplicity in use, they are not messy, and when they remain in their cans they have guaranteed safety.

The first step to carry out when painting an object is cleaning it thoroughly with warm water and soap. Use a scrubbing brush to get rid of all dust and any grime. Dirt makes surfaces bumpy and gives a substandard job if not removed before painting.

When you are satisfied with the cleaning, rinse your plastic object well with clean water and then let it dry or use a cloth to wipe it dry. Make sure that you have removed all the soap from your item. Examine your object to check for flaky substances and scrap them off. Use sandpaper or steel wool to make the object rough to allow the primer to bond properly with the surface. Wipe it clean with a wet cloth and let it dry for painting.

For the painting, it is best to do your work outside in an open area. It does not easily come off when applied onto some areas, thus you should clear your work space to protect your belongings. Cover up areas like floors and nearby walls with rags or newspapers. Make sure you wear a mask when painting to block the odour, particularly if you have health challenges.

Apply the first coat of high-quality primer on your object and allow it to dry completely. Take the object and spread the second layer of primer onto it and let it dry completely. The essence of the primer is to let the paint to rest smoothly and evenly. Spray your metallic paint all over your object evenly and with great care. Give it maximum time to dry before touching it. Always mix up your painting by shaking it profusely before using it.

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